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Trace Elements in Medicine
International scientific and practical peer-reviewed journal
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Trace Elements in Medicine (Moscow)
2018, 19(1): 14-23


V.M. Kodentsova, O.A. Vrzhesinskaya

Federal Research Centre of Nutrition and Biotechnology, 2/14, Ustinskij pr., Moscow, 109240, Russian Federation

DOI: 10.19112/2413-6174-2018-19-1-14-23 

ABSTRACT. There are a large number of categories of industrial food products, which may be fortified with micronutrients. For each product category, its own regulatory framework has been developed. Requirements for fortification (the list of enriching ingredients, forms of vitamins and minerals, levels of application) are formulated in various regulatory documents. This creates difficulties in the production and practical application of premixes. The general requirements for the use of various groups of vitamin-mineral complexes (VMC)  mixtures of vitamins and / or minerals on a carrier have been formulated. VMC premixes are intended for application in food industry for the micronutrient enrichment of food products of mass consumption, specialized and functional foods, as well as in the production of supplements. VMC ready-for-use are intended for direct intake (individual consumption) or for entering into dishes of dietary curative and dietary preventive nutrition to consumers of all age categories. All normative documents regulating the composition, forms of vitamins and minerals, as well as the use of VMC individually and in different organizations, the permitted doses for various categories of the population are summarized in a single document. Clear distinctions of the VMC on the need for conformity assessment in the form of state registration or a declaration of conformity are presented. The the enactment of the state standard will serve as a tool for manufacturers and institution’s administration for the proper use of the VMC within the legislative framework.

KEYWORDS: vitamins, vitamin-mineral premix, fortification, vitamin-mineral supplement, food products.

Corresponding author: Vera M. Kodentsova; E-mail: kodentsova@gmail.com