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Trace Elements in Medicine
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Trace Elements in Medicine (Moscow)
18(3): 36-41


A.E. Pobilat¹, E.I. Voloshin²

1 Krasnoyarsk State Medical University, Partizan Zheleznyak str. 1, Krasnoyarsk, 660022, Russia
2 Krasnoyarsk State Agricultural University, Mira ave. 90, Krasnoyarsk, 660049, Russia

DOI: 10.19112/2413-6174-2017-18-3-36-41 

ABSTRACT. The content of gross cadmium in uncontaminated soils of Central Siberia was found to fluctuate from 0.001 to 0.80 mg/kg. The spatial contents and distribution of cadmium in soils is conditioned by differences in particle size distribution and concentration of the element in soil forming rocks. The average content of cadmium in chernozems equals 0.12 mg/kg, intrazonal soils – 0.11, gray forest and sod-podzolic soils – 0.10 mg/kg. The back-ground gross content of cadmium on the area of 2.54 million hectares is equal in soils 0.11 mg/kg or 0.2 Clark. The amount of mobile cadmium in agrocenosis depends on the gross contents, fertility of soils, weather conditions and spe-cific features of crops. The average content of mobile cadmium in soils fluctuates from 0.02 to 0.04 mg/kg or 18.7-37.5% of the gross contents. The highest mobility of cadmium is noted in dark-brown inundated and in dark-gray forest soil. Sharply continental climate, frequent spring and summer droughts, the adverse water and temperature modes are the main reasons for fluctuation of mobile cadmium in regional soils. The properties of soils, their safety with mobile form of element, climate and biological features of crops have impact on the concentration of cadmium in plants. The average cadmiumin content of grain yield, forage, vegetable crops and potatoes fluctuates from 0. 008 to 0.140 mg/kg. Among grain crops a higher content of cadmium is found in spring-wheat. Corn surpassed green mass of annual grasses in the content of cadmium. A raised content of cadmium characterizes green mass of long-term cereals and hay of natural fodder grounds. The concentration of cadmium in tubers of potatoes was higher, than in productive part of a crop of vegetable cultures. Average content of cadmium in plants was found below MAL and MAC that testifies to not impurity of crop production in agrocenosis of Central Siberia.

KEYWORDS: soil, cadmium, contents, particle size distribution, cultures, productivity.

Corresponding author: A.E. Pobilat E-mail: pobilat_anna@mail.ru