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Trace Elements in Medicine
International scientific and practical peer-reviewed journal
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N.V. Garipova, V.A. Ryazanov

FSBSI Federal Scientific Center for Biological Systems and Agrotechnologies of the RAS,
st. January 9, 29, Orenburg, 460000, Russian Federation


ABSTRACT. Nanotechnologies are of great interest to researchers today. Their rapid development in recent decades is due to the fact that ultrafine particles (UFP), including metals, have completely different properties than traditional forms of chemical elements. At the moment, the use of UFP metals in the field of agriculture looks especially interesting. The advantage of new forms of trace elements is that with their help it is possible to overcome the negative effects inherent in traditional forms. So, when compiling the diets of animals and birds, it is necessary to carefully select the doses of elements in order to avoid their toxic effects, they also have a low digestibility in the body and the possibility of developing oxidative stress in animals. All this served as an impetus for studying the use of UFP as sources of trace elements in the diet of farm animals. Thus, this review is devoted to the use of ultrafine iron particles as a feed additive in the diets of farm animals and poultry.

KEYWORDS: ultrafine particles, trace elements, iron, productivity, farm animals, broiler chickens.