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Trace Elements in Medicine
International scientific and practical peer-reviewed journal
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N.A. Kovaleva, O.V. Trineeva

Voronezh State University,
394006, Russia, Voronezh, Universitetskaya pl., 1; trineevaov@mail.ru


ABSTRACT. Substances of mineral origin not only have a general total therapeutic and prophylactic effect on the human body, together with a complex of biologically active substances (BAS) of medicinal plants, but also affect the accumulation of target groups of BAS in medicinal plant raw materials (MPR), activating or inhibiting various biochemical transformations inside plant cells. The microelement profile of plants carries information about the ecological state of the region and the plant itself. Promising raw materials for sea buckthorn are not only fruits, but also other parts of the plant (leaves, shoots, bark). Harvesting of fruits is carried out both from cultivated and wild plants in various territories of North America, Europe and Asia. At the same time, leaves have been little studied in terms of chemical composition, including elemental composition, and remain a by-product when harvesting fruits, which does not meet modern approaches to the rational use of natural resources.

KEYWORDS: leaves of sea of buckthorn, elemental composition, chromatography-mass spectrometry, coefficient of biological accumulation.