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Trace Elements in Medicine
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Z.A. Amagova1, V. Matsadze1, N.A. Golubkina2, U.S. Isaeva3

1 Chechen Agricultural Institute,
Lilovaya 1, Gikalo settlement, Grozny, 366021, Chechen Republic, Russia

2 Federal Scientific Vegetable Center
Selectsionnaya 14, Moscow region 143072, Russia; segolubkina45@gmail.com

3 Republican Endocrinological Dispensary
Kemerovskaya 12, Grozny, 364047, Chechen Republic, Russia


ABSTRACT. Selenium is characterized by extremely low concentration range capable to provide optimal development of all living beings including humans. Biogeochemical anomaly of high selenium content in the environment of Simsir settlemenst in Nozhay-Yurt region of the Chechen republic was recorded for the first time: water of Yaric-Su river (0.301.33 µg/L) and its tributaries (0.364.10 µg/L), Shyila Shi sulfur spring (5.0 µg/L), Red brook (30 µg/L), Allium ursinum (5 µg/Kg d.w.), grass mowing (324628 µg/Kg d.w.), sheep wool (142302 µg/Kg d.w..), petroleum concentrate (220 µg/Kg). Mineral composition (25 elements) of Shyila Shi spring water and Red brook, Allium ursinum and petroleum concentrate indicated the existence of elevated levels of Ca, Fe, Li, В, Мо and Zn at the territory investigated. The highest concentrations of B (2200 mg/L), Ca (155 mg/L), Fe and Li (30 mg/L), Zn (140 mg/L), Mo (20 mg/L) were revealed in Red brook water, while Fe and Li levels in Shyila Shi spring reached 60 and 50 mg/L accordingy. Elevated levels of Mn (42.26 mg/Kg d.w.), Zn (46.14 mg/Kg d.w.), B (13.87 mg/Kg d.w) and Cu (12.6 mg/Kg d.w.) was demonstrated for water of Shyila Shi spring. Compared to Allium ursinum petroleum concentrate contained 4.5 times more of Al, 92 times more of As, twice more of Cd and Si, 86 times more of Cr, 14 times more of Fe, 3.7 times more of Мо, 8.3 times more of Ni, 2.7 times more of Pb, 29 times more of V. In a whole the results supposes high prospects of creating the Republic health resort in the vicinity of Simsir settlement and the necessity of detailed testing of Shyila Shi healing spring and the oil concentrate to further substantiate the positive effect on human health.

KEYWORDS: selenium, Chechen Republic, water, grass mowing, Allium ursinum, petroleum concentrate.