Журнал Журнал

International scientific and practical peer-reviewing journal
Official press organ of Russian Society of
Trace Elements in Medicine and Trace Element - Institute for UNESCO.
ISSN: 1607-9957(print)
ISSN 2413-6174 (online)
Issued since 2000
The journal is quarterly.
The journal is issuedwith the support of ANO "Center of Biotic Medicine".
The journal publishes reviews, original papers, methodical reports and short communications in Russian
and English language, which concerns:
- analytical determination of chemical elements content of biological tissues, biological fluids or other
- methods of in vivo elemental analysis;
- experimental research in medicine of elementoses;
- study of chemical elements exchange in a living organism and a system “organism – environment”;
- physiological role of chemical elements;
- development and use of elemental drugs;
- hygienical and clinical diagnostics, treatment and prophylaxis of diseases, related to disturbances of
chemical elements metabolism in humans and animals.

"The journal is included in the “List of leading scientific peer-reviewed journals, where principal data of applicants for scientific degree has to be published” by the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of the Russian Federation"

The journal is currently included in several national and international bibliographic systems:

* National Electronic Scientific Library (
* Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI)
* Crossref (DOI:10.19112/2413-6174)
* Chemical Abstracts (CODEN: MMMRDQ)